Our Services
Adult Services


This is an opportunity for people to perform meaningful work and develop job skills through sub-contract work from local industries. Employees experience a variety of work opportunities and all jobs are paid at minimum wage.

Supported Employment

S&H staff work with the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, private providers and the SSA Department to support an individual’s opportunity for community employment. Once employed, S&H can provide “follow-along” services to the individual and the employer to assist in maintaining the placement.

Social Happenings

The Social Happenings area has developed a plan to identify marketable skills and career interests followed with specific skills training directly related toward obtaining community employment.  This can include resume building, interviewing techniques, social skills, computer skills, money skills, accessing transportation and developing a career plan.

Seeds of Hope Garden Center

The Seeds of Hope Garden Center emphasizes healthy choice, teamwork, socialization, sensory and employment skills.  Our goal is to BE community members and INVOLVE community members in every way possible.

Spirit and Hands Art Studio

Spirit and Hands Art Studio provides the tools, materials, and supports that allow artists to define themselves.  The artists have the opportunity to showcase and sell their artwork in our gallery and in the local community.  Our focus is to integrate the studio into the larger art community.  We encourage the involvement of local artists and patrons.

Strong and Healthy Wellness Center

Exercise is for EVERY body.  S&H's exercise program is evolving into a program where people with and without disabilities feel comfortable working out together in all aspects of fitness.  Exercise classes include water aerobics, chair exercises, arm weights, dancing, drumming, chair volleyball, exercise bikes, treadmills, ball stretching, yoga and exercise bands.  The classes are held throughout the day at S&H Products in addition to locations around Shelby County.

Community Integration

Our programs are designed to build a community of relationships that last a  lifetime.  Our community integration services provide a variety of activities and opportunities.  Swimming at the Hampton Inn, YMCA Art Classes, Art at the Gateway Arts Council, Bowling League, Line Dancing at Dorothy Love Retirement Community, Volunteering at the Animal Shelter, Exercise Classes at the Senior Center, Toast Masters, Community Work at Fairhaven, Volunteering at CASA, and Bingo at Clancy's and much more.

Ancillary Services

Full-time nursing services,  transportation, and mental health support in collaboration with Catholic Social Services.